Fish selection from lake Peipsi    9€

 Assortment of  meats    9€

 Assortment of Estonian  cheeses  7.50€

Raw buckwheat  Beluga lentil salad, goat cheese 5€ L,G,

 Green mussels baked in Parmesan cheese and pesto 7€

 Prawns with garlic and chilli, roasted white bread  9€ L

 Duck liver terrine, blueberries, ciabatta    9€ L

 Caesar salad with broiled prawns/ smoked chicken /cold smoked salmon  6€ L

 Beef salad with spicy dressing  7€  L

 Lamb carpaccio  7€ L,G

Pulled pork, bread, red onion, cabbage salad 5€ L

 Warm vegetable salad with spicy chicken  6€ L,G

Warm potato salad, hot-smoked trout, egg, red onion, horseradish and sourcream dressing 7€ G


 Creamy pureed soup from seasonal vegetables  4€

Clear broth salmon soup  4€ L,G

Beef noodle soup  4.50€  L


 Penne with chicken fillet, vegetables and basil pesto  7.50€ 

Penne with salmon fillet, shrimp, cream sauce    7.50€

Beet and pearl barley risotto, arugula, pumpkin seeds 6€   L,V


 Grilled salmon fillet, wok vegetables, whiskey sauce 12€ G

 Fried Zander fillet, roast potatoes, baby beets, kale, leek, sprat butter sauce  13€  G

Rajamõisa  steak, garlic roast potatoes, caramelized onion, cherry tomatoes, whiskey sauce 15€  G

Rack of lamb, parsnip puree, kale, beluga lentils, cherry tomatoes  15€  G

Slow cooked duck fillet, parsnip puree, wok vegetables, port wine sauce  15€  G

 Grilled wild boar fillet, garlic roast potatoes, caramelized onion, kale, beet puree, port wine sauce  17€   G

 Stuffed pork tenderloin, wok vegetables, pearl barley risotto, whiskey sauce  9€

Baked quail,  wok vegetables, port wine sauce 11€  G


 Toila-Spa sorbet and ice cream  5€ G

  Classic creme brulee  5€ G

  Warm chocolate cake, house seaberry sorbet and vanilla ice cream  5€

 Cheesecake, chocolate glaze, wild berries   5€


L-lactose free

G- gluten free


Bon appetite