We offer various vacation packages and opportunities to organize conferences in addition to nourishing silence and beautiful nature views.

Health is more valuable than wealth!
At Toila SPA hotel you have the opportunity to rejuvenate your body as well as your soul.
Our health centre has two directions that create one whole by complementing each other:
Medical spa - classical treatment procedures according to therapeutic indications - chronic problems related to the muscle-skeletal system (neurological problems, arthritis), cardiovascular and respiratory systems.Various studies conducted by us such as ultrasound examinations will provide a good overview of your health condition.
Wellness spa - relaxing, exclusive body treatments - slimming, moisturizing, trimming treatments, massages and wrappings.
Physical activity is a good basis for health and beauty - Toila SPA hotel has a gym, swimming pool of 25 m, and different options for physical movement therapy.
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