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Spa etiquette

Have an enjoyable and relaxing spa vacation!

  • Book your procedures prior to arrival
  • Arrive 5-10 minutes early for the procedures to allow time for changing. We recommend hotel guests come in dressing gowns
  • Dress comfortably for procedures, removing all jewellery and watches
  • We ask you to be considerate and leave your phone in your hotel room
  • Always take your treatment plan with you to procedures
  • You need to undress for full-body procedures, e.g. massage, baths and body treatments
  • To ensure maximum comfort, inform the spa employee of problem areas and any concerns about the procedure
  • Be considerate to other spa visitors (speak quietly)
  • If you are accompanied by children, do not leave them without adult supervision
  • Spa employees have the right to refuse to serve clients under the inuence of alcohol and drugs and money for paid services will not be refunded
  • Several procedures are contraindicated in the case of certain medical conditions. Considering the aforementioned, the facility bears no responsibility for complications if the client has not provided adequate information about their health situation.
  • Money is not refunded for unused procedures and no new appointments are granted
  • We ask you to inform us of cancellations 24 hours prior to the scheduled treatment. If the treatment is cancelled later than that, the client must pay 50% of the treatment’s price
  • Reasons not dependent on Toila Spa Hotel will only be sucient for changing procedure times where possible to do so

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