Salads, soups

  1. Caesar salad with smoked trout
  2. Vegetable salad with feta cheese and olives     V L G
  3. Meat seljanka –  a thick, sweet and spicy beef soup.   G
  4. Creamy carrot soup with cheese bread croutons   V

Main course

  1. Risotto with champignons, tomatoes and zucchini     V
  2. Smoked cod, potato wedges with cream, carrot puree, broccoli, lemon sauce  G
  3. Sesame breaded chiken breast filled with cream , grilled vegetables   G
  4. Cheese fried pork, baked potato, caramelised beetroot, broccoli,  “ Cafe de Paris“ sauce   G


  1. Chocolate roll cake with cottage cheese and raspberry sauce
  2. Crumble cake with berries and vanilla sauce
  3. Yogurt Panna Cotta with vanilla, fruit salad with cinnamon, oatmeal cookie    G

V-vegetarian, G-gluten free, L – lactose free


Salads, soups  5.00

Main course  10.00

Desserts     5.00


Group menu includes water, coffee, tea, bread, butter

Wine suggestion – house wine 12cl 3,00

Pre-order needed at least 72h in advance