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Map of Toila and Oru Park

Oru Park and the grand palace in the beautiful valley of the River Pühajõgi was built by Grigori Jelissejev – one of the wealthiest men in 19th century Russia. In 1935, three Estonian industrialists bought the palace and park, and gifted it to President Päts to be used as his summer residence. The palace was destroyed during the Second World War.
Today, you can walk in the well-marked and well-maintained park, look at various species of trees and shrubs, explore Hõbeallika (Silver Spring) Cave, as well as enjoy the sea view and the sunset from the Swallow’s Nest.
Good to know: Oru Park Promenade, organised annually in August, has become a tradition.


Virtual tour ‘VR Toila 1938’


An exciting virtual tour of July 1938 in the Toila-Oru Presidential Palace and Park for anyone interested in new experiences.

The mild summer breeze strokes the leaves of young linden trees and gently, almost barely, moves the petals of the flowers blooming in the rosary. The smell of flowering roses enchants walkers in the garden, and there, on the edge of the bank overlooking the sea, stands a magnificent pink-white building. No one yet asks, ‘But where was that?’
Duration: 30 min, the tours leaves every hour

Come and experience the exciting opportunity to hike in the historic Toila-Oru Park!

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