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Peolaud Mio Mares

Healthy food made mostly from local ingredients

Group menu

 Group menu in restaurant Mio Mare from 10 people

Salad / appetizers 7 €

  • Caesar salad with smoked trout
  • Vegetable salad with feta cheese and olives     V L G
  • Meat seljanka –  a thick, sweet and spicy beef soup.   G
  • Creamy carrot soup with cheese bread croutons   V

Main courses 13 €

  • Risotto with champignons, tomatoes and zucchini     V
  • Smoked cod, potato wedges with cream, carrot puree, broccoli, lemon sauce  G
  • Sesame breaded chiken breast filled with cream , grilled vegetables   G
  • Cheese fried pork, baked potato, caramelised beetroot, broccoli,  “ Cafe de Paris“ sauce   G

Desserts 6 €

  • Chocolate roll cake with cottage cheese and raspberry sauce
  • Crumble cake with berries and vanilla sauce
  • Yogurt Panna Cotta with vanilla, fruit salad with cinnamon, oatmeal cookie    G

L – lactose free  G – gluten free  V – vegetarian

Group menu includes water, coffee or tea, bread and butter

We recommend house wine: 12 cl 3 €

Info and reservations

Pre-order needed at least 72h in advance

Please select the dishes you like from the menu. One option applies to the whole group. Group menus can be ordered for 10 or more people.