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Toila SPA Hotell restoran Mio Mare grillpaviljon


Come and enjoy dishes straight from the hot grill!
It is nice to sit in the fresh air on the outdoor terrace and enjoy good food and company.
You don’t have to be afraid of the cold, because the outdoor terrace is heated


Mio Mare Grillterrace

Sun-Thu 12.00-23.00 (kitchen until 22:00)

Fri, Sat 12:00-24:00 (kitchen until 22:30)

In bad wetter is open restaurant Mio Mare

Info and reservations +372 334 2947, +372 334 2916 or


Gratinated goat cheese, grilled pear slices, fresh salad mix, raspberry, balsamic sauce  13€

Jumbo shrimp on a skewer, chili-mayonnaise sauce, garlic bread  13€

Marinated chicken fillet, Mediterranean vegetable salad with olives  13€

Roasted sweet potato, stuffed with fresh vegetable salad, shredded oyster mushrooms (with BBQ sauce) and basil pesto (Vegetarian)   10€

Brioche bun with grilled chicken fillet, arugula, basil mayonnaise, pickled red onion and tomato  13€

Brioche bun with grilled salmon patty, arugula, basil mayonnaise, pickled red onion and tomato   15€

Minced lamb kebab, jacket potato with cream, marinated red cabbage salad, cherry tomato, yogurt-dill sauce  15€

BBQ pork ribs, jacket potatoes with cream, marinated red cabbage salad and onions, spicy barbecue sauce 15€


Grilled chicken fillet, fresh salad  6€

French fries, fresh salad, ketchup  4€

Mini pancakes with fresh strawberry jam 2,5€

Vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberry jam  5€

Ice cream cocktail  4€


Pavlova with cream cheese and summer berries  6

Lemon tiramisu with spinach biscuit  6€

Crispy almond tartalet with vanilla cream, rhubarb compote and red currants   6€

Creme brulee with summer berries  6€

Curd cream with fresh strawberry jam  6€

Mango, coconut, tapioca pearl puding with chia seeds (Vegetarian)  6€