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The Pühtitsa Dormition Convent (Kuremäe Convent)

The Kuremäe Convent, located in the centre of Kuremäe, was established in 1891, and is the only functioning Russian Orthodox nunnery in Estonia. In ancient times, a sacred place of the Estonians was located here and a sacrificial spring was at the foot of the hill. The spring is knows as a “holy spring” today for the curative powers of its water. One can also bathe in the refreshing water. The convent gates are open and you can walk around and observe convent life. Those who are more interested in the life and history of the convent can order a tour from the nuns, in order to see the various churches in the convent complex that are otherwise closed to the public.


Ida-Viru Adventureland

Ida-Virumaa is a land of adventure!

A land of adventure is a place with Estonia’s most exciting adventures, for example, underground (Mining Museum), on a hill (Kiviõli Adventure Center), on the water (Aidu Waterland) and on the border (Narva). Here can be found the longest beaches in Estonia (Narva-Jõesuu, Peipsi), the highest cliff (Ontika), and more.

Cutting-edge entrepreneurs work here under the umbrella of the tourism cluster to market their beautiful and exciting area and create new adventures.

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  • Mini-golf ~5€ person
  • Pool 0.10 € / min
  • Bike Rental:
    • 5 € per hour (1 bike)
    • € 10 per day (1 bike)
  • Free rental for hotel guests:
    • Tennis player
    • Various balls
    • Walking sticks
    • Various board games