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A`la carte restaurant Mio Mare menu


Smoked on site eal, mildly salted salmon, roe  16€

Smoked beef tongue, roast beef, horseradish  10€

Estonian cheese selection   10€

Caesar salad with king prawns/smoked salmon   8€

Blue mussels in white wine cream sauce  8€

Green mussels with parmasan cheese and pesto      8€



Roasted cauliflower puree soup 5€

Tomato seafood soup  7€


Salmon tagliatelle & spinatch 8€



Zander, carrots, broccoli, butter sauce 14€

Salmon, parsnips, asparagus, lemon sauce  13€

Chicken fillet, zucchini, peppers, potatoes in shell, teriyaki sauce   10€

Beef, potatoes, zucchini, champignon, red wine sauce  17€

Duck, sweet potato, beets, asparagus, red wine sauce   17€

Sheep, zucchini, egg plant, peas, mint-wine sauce   19€



Toila Spa ice cream selection     6€

Classical   Crème Brûlée     6€

Chocolate fondant, vanilla ice cream     6€


Pasta with cheese 3€

Pasta with chicken fillet and creamy sause 4€

Oven-baked potatoes with meatballs and fresh salad 4€

Oven-baked potatoes with wieners and fresh salad 4€

Ice cream with fruit 4€

Milkshake 3€

Aura juice 1.50€

Cranberry 0.50€

Bon appetite

Information and reservation

  • +372 33 42915 (Mon to Fri 08:00 – 16:00)
  • +372 33 42916 (every day 12:00 – 23:00)

Restaurant will only hold your table for a maximum of 30 minutes after your reservation time.

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