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A`la carte restaurant Mio Mare menu


Garlic bread, pickled cucumbers, garlic Dip  5€

Breaded Torpedo prawns, lentil chips, chilli majonnaise 7€

Snack platter( salami, serrano ham , mold cheese, gherkins, salted peanuts) 10€

Cheese and fruit platter(blue cheese, Camembert, juniper cheese, goat cheese, fruits, handmade cookies)  15€


Baked green mussels with basil and sun-dried tomatoes 12€

Mio Mare cold smoked salmon, yellow beet carpaccio, trout roe, arugula, quial egg, wasabi mayonnaise, beetroot powder  12€

Fried chicken liver, fresh salad, pickled red onion, peach compote, roasted cherry tomatos, balsamic dressing  7€


Sauerkraut  Borsch with duck, quail egg  7€

Puree soup from lightly  smoked carrot-sweet potato, served with lentil chips (VEGAN)  6€


Cauliflower rice, pumpkin and lentil curry  (VEGAN ) 10€

 Tagliatelle with duck leg confit in tomato sauce   10€

Grilled tuna steak, vegetable wok, coconut-curry sauce  20€

Pork schnitzel, potato-garlic gratin, caramelized beets, sugar  pea, horseradich sauce 15€

Roasted beef tenderloin, potato-garlic gratin, oven vegetables, red wine sauce 27€

Roasted duck fillet, pearl couscous with roasted beet pesto, broccoli, red wine sauce 18€


 Poached pear in white wine with vanilla, coconut cream, dewberry, passoin fruit (VEGAN)  6€

Selections of Mio Mare ice cream- sorbet 6€

Baked goat cheese cake with apples, lingonberries, salted caramel sauce 6€


Pasta with cheese 3€

Chicken nuggets, french fries and fresh salad 5€

Sausages, french fries and fresh salad 5€

Ice cream with fruits 4€

Milkshake 4€

Bon appetite

Information and reservation

  • +372 33 42915 (Mon to Fri 08:00 – 16:00)
  • +372 33 42916 (every day 12:00 – 21:00)

Restaurant will only hold your table for a maximum of 30 minutes after your reservation time.