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Académie express treatments according to skin needs

35€30 min



Académie express treatments according to skin needs


A quick and effective facial treatment begins with a thorough exfoliation, followed by the application of an active concentrate and a suitable mask according to the individual needs of the skin, and finally an eye cream and face cream.


Express facial care Hypo-Sensible
Soothes sensitive skin and reduces redness. This is a really quick soothing treatment for sensitive skin. Gives a feeling of freshness and comfort and reduces hypersensitivity even on the most delicate skin. Results: Immediately soothes the skin, redness decreases, leaving the skin fresh and pleasant.


Express care – radiant skin

The treatment is an excellent and effective booster for dull skin in need of moisture. Concentrate of moisturizing active ingredients combined with a brightening apricot mask revives dull complexions. Results: The skin is fresh again and looks radiant.




Express restorative facial care
Restores and moisturizes
A 30-minute quick and effective facial treatment helps fight the signs of skin aging. Results: Skin looks more rested and firmer. Lines are smoothed, the complexion is radiant.


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