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Massaaž ürdikottidega

Massage with herbal bags

45/55€40/60 min

Massage with herbal bags

Hot herb bags are ideal for pressing, tapping and vibrating movements, especially in cases where pressing with the fingers is uncomfortable and painful.

Massage with herbal bags is used as a treatment and prophylactic tool for osteochondrosis, intense physical exertion, muscle and joint pain. Using the acupressure regulates the activity of internal organs, fights constipation, relieves the symptoms after bronchitis and pneumonia.

This massage is not only a treatment, but also a relaxation with muscle warming.

Massage improves and rejuvenates the condition of the skin, it is used in anti-cellulite programs. The soft warming effect of massage harmonizes a person’s psycho-emotional state, relieves stress and contributes to achieving deep relaxation.

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