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Toila SPA HOtell

Our steps towards sustainable tourism


  • The front facade of our hotel, the roof of the swimming pool and the playground are covered with solar panels, which cover 7% of our energy needs
  • We have our own borehole, the depth of which is 270 m. From there we get high-quality drinking water, which we recommend all guests use directly from the tap to fill their water bottles
  • All the warm water used in the hotel goes to the heat exchanger, which preheats the cold water
  • The ventilation unit uses the heat of the indoor air during preheating of the outdoor air
  • Only LED lights are used throughout the house
  • In sauna centers and lobbies, we use paper cones instead of plastic cups to offer water to visitors


  • We have our own laundry, where the entire hotel’s bed linen, towels, bathrobes and cleaning cloths are cleaned
  • Old and worn towels and bed linen get a new life under the fingers of our seamstress – as smaller towels or cleaning cloths
  • For those staying at the campsite, we offer the opportunity to use your own bed linen, so that the price of the accommodation is cheaper and the burden on the laundry is less.
  • We practically do not produce food waste, as we eat the leftovers from the guests’ buffet meals at our own family’s lunches.
  • For use in the restaurant, we grow herbs under plant lamps in winter and in plant boxes on the terrace of the restaurant in summer
  • Our own bakery bakes fresh bread and pastries every day
  • Whenever possible, we use local ingredients from local farmers in the restaurant