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Toila Oru park

Oru Park and the grand palace in the beautiful valley of the River Pühajõgi was built by Grigori Jelissejev – one of the wealthiest men in 19th century Russia. In 1935, three Estonian industrialists bought the palace and park, and gifted it to President Päts to be used as his summer residence. The palace was destroyed during the Second World War.
Today, you can walk in the well-marked and well-maintained park, look at various species of trees and shrubs, explore Hõbeallika (Silver Spring) Cave, as well as enjoy the sea view and the sunset from the Swallow’s Nest.
Good to know: Oru Park Promenade, organised annually in August, has become a tradition.

Once upon a time there was the magnificent palace Oru surrounded by a huge park. Sadly the palace was bombed in WO II, but the lovely park remains. It is a very picturesque park with old trees, a small river flowing through a valley. The old palace square has fountains, flowerbeds. From this square you have nice views over the valley and towards the sea. I visited the park on a warm summer evening, but I think the park is worth a visit in a every season..

TripAdvisor / Globetrotter045


Stunning views!!

It’s an amazing attraction, you can walk around the park for hours, see amazing nature, stop at the cafe, play at the children’s playground and go to the beach. There is everything for everyone. You can stay at the Toila Spa hotel and go to the famous Toila Baths.

The park shows you the history of this part of Estonia, there are some ruins and gorgeous nature. It’s suitable for families with young children and wheelchair users. You can easily spend the whole day in the park as there are things to do.

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